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Hopeful Changes

I keep apologizing that I’m not blogging all that much. There are so many changes that keep making it more and more difficult to write. Most of the changes have happened with E, but some have happened with me.

Eddie had his last day of summer speech camp today. I actually got a little teary-eyed saying goodbye and thanking his teacher. Since starting summer camp 7 weeks ago he’s:

-Improved in gross motor skills enough that he can climb in and out of his highchair unassisted, was able to climb out of the crib and can now climb up and down flights of stairs with help.

-Improved communication: we went from having a kid with echolalia, to having a child who makes some sounds appropriately and knows how to sign 3 words. He understands most of what we say to him too.

-Improved fine motor skills: he can now grab some small objects w/2 fingers. He is also so very close to using a fork on his own!

-Improved social skills: He gives adults and children fives and looks them in the eye. He plays alongside children. His joint attention has gotten somewhat better.

-Is starting to pretend play with dollhouses and imitating my hubby. He puts on his shoes, tries to sit like him etc.

-Enjoys doing art projects.

-Tries becoming more independent.

I’ve been healing well too. Now, most of the moments when I think about my son are filled with hope or dreams for him. I’m becoming a typical mom.

Big Boy Changes

Since starting camp, Eddie’s gross and fine motor skills have improved. He’s begun signing when he wants things. Stemming from being a visual learner and improvement in his fine motor skills, he’s become relatively artistic for a 2 year old.

Also of note, as his gross motor skills have improved, he found his way out of his crib. We’ve had to put him in a big boy bed. We’re slowly redecorating his room to be all about “the city” and trucks, cars and vehicles/transportation. He is so proud of and happy about his “big boy room.”


The only real struggle we seem to be having with Eddie is that while he doesn’t lack joint-attention skills completely, his are far from being developed to where they should be. If anyone has any suggestions for games or other lessons to help him better develop this area, please let me know here or via e-mail! Thank you!


E started speech camp/summer preschool.  He’s doing great except he keeps fooling his teacher into carrying him.  He pretends to be tired.  He does, however, know how to share, show empathy towards crying students and interacts in an age appropriate manner with his peers.  He’s talking more again and engaging us in more activity.  I’ll take it!

Not Forgotten

I have not forgotten about this blog.  We’ve been introducing our son to the potty & having reviews done on all his skills and therapies.  E enjoys using the potty, but isn’t by any means “trained” yet.  As far as his reviews: when he started therapies his skills ranged from that of a 3-9 month old child and he was 18/19 months old.  Now, at nearly 25 months old, his social and play skills are that of an 18-21 month old child, so those took a huge leap with therapies and more social exposure.  His speech is what is kind of lagging everything else behind.  He has 7-10 words, 3 signs for words he can’t say, & understands over 50 words/commands.  His receptive skills are at 12-15 months & his expressive are at just below 12 months because he’s still not waving or pointing.  Any progress is good progress and we can’t have everything. 

Birthday and Playdates!

E’s birthday party went well!  The entire front of our house looked like a circus carnival with games, banners, pinwheels… the works!  The cake looked amazing and was so moist!  Hubby and I dressed as clowns and E wore a birthday boy circus shirt.  He got alot of therapeutic toys that we asked for and some cute clothes.  Quite a few of the people who couldn’t make it to the party have made arrangements with me to still see him/ have a playdate.  He had a playdate today and it went well.  The little boy is a month younger than him & his mom used to be E’s babysitter.  E interacted and reacted better than usual which was great!  He’s also started saying him name.  Big step!