Not Forgotten

I have not forgotten about this blog.  We’ve been introducing our son to the potty & having reviews done on all his skills and therapies.  E enjoys using the potty, but isn’t by any means “trained” yet.  As far as his reviews: when he started therapies his skills ranged from that of a 3-9 month old child and he was 18/19 months old.  Now, at nearly 25 months old, his social and play skills are that of an 18-21 month old child, so those took a huge leap with therapies and more social exposure.  His speech is what is kind of lagging everything else behind.  He has 7-10 words, 3 signs for words he can’t say, & understands over 50 words/commands.  His receptive skills are at 12-15 months & his expressive are at just below 12 months because he’s still not waving or pointing.  Any progress is good progress and we can’t have everything. 


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