Hopeful Changes

I keep apologizing that I’m not blogging all that much. There are so many changes that keep making it more and more difficult to write. Most of the changes have happened with E, but some have happened with me.

Eddie had his last day of summer speech camp today. I actually got a little teary-eyed saying goodbye and thanking his teacher. Since starting summer camp 7 weeks ago he’s:

-Improved in gross motor skills enough that he can climb in and out of his highchair unassisted, was able to climb out of the crib and can now climb up and down flights of stairs with help.

-Improved communication: we went from having a kid with echolalia, to having a child who makes some sounds appropriately and knows how to sign 3 words. He understands most of what we say to him too.

-Improved fine motor skills: he can now grab some small objects w/2 fingers. He is also so very close to using a fork on his own!

-Improved social skills: He gives adults and children fives and looks them in the eye. He plays alongside children. His joint attention has gotten somewhat better.

-Is starting to pretend play with dollhouses and imitating my hubby. He puts on his shoes, tries to sit like him etc.

-Enjoys doing art projects.

-Tries becoming more independent.

I’ve been healing well too. Now, most of the moments when I think about my son are filled with hope or dreams for him. I’m becoming a typical mom.


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