Waiting room

Today, being in the waiting room wasn’t so bad while E went through his occupational and speech therapies.  I actually got to read 3 chapters in one of my books.  Typically, it sounds like a train station and it’s not even the children in the room’s faults.  There’s 2 parents who wait for their children while watching videos… without earbuds in or headphones on.  Unless you’re bringing popcorn, pillows or planning to snuggle with me, don’t share your movie.  Also, if you’re afraid of germs in an office, please bring multiple alternative toys to occupy your kid(s) so they aren’t screaming at the top of their lungs.  If you don’t bring toys, expect them to wander or run around aimlessly and don’t forget to yell at them while they do that,since, clearly, that will help.  Hopefully, you sense my sarcasm there…

At any rate, E’s speech therapist says that his stronger suit is becoming receptive language and skills.  Hopefully, more verbal skills will follow soon.  He’s also beginning to imitate people’s facial expressions and some sounds they make.  All baby steps and baby steps are better than no steps.  I’m so very grateful that he’s progressing.


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