Gettin’ all the Ducks in a Row

For months I’ve had doctors and medical professionals asking me about E’s habits.  One of the most common tendencies in autistic individuals is sorting or lining objects up.  Up until recently, E had never done this.  Yesterday, while at his grandparents house, he was taking his stacking rings, lining them up, relining them up, then making patterns with them.  Once, I had a friend ask me if it seems like E becomes less functioning as he gets older.

He doesn’t become less functioning.  He improves in so many ways, and then his autism seems to manifest itself differently.  Rather than worrying about it, I’m trying to embrace it.  For example: making patterns out of colorful objects is a form of art, is it not?


6 thoughts on “Gettin’ all the Ducks in a Row

  1. Patterned thinkers excel in music, scientific research, or higher mathematics. Perfect pitch is the reason why my non-verbal autistic clients make glorious piano music when taught in the classical tradition.

    1. That’s awesome & I don’t doubt that. At what age do you recommend piano lessons to start?? As for my son & higher thinking, he’s not yet 2 & if it’s on a hinge E can work it. Baby gates (we’ve tried a variety) don’t work w/him or any kind of cabinet proofing. Scary, but true & I’m strangely proud.

      1. I recommend lessons to begin as soon as he knows the alphabet, or if you suspect he is reading. He can be hyperlexic and reading before age two. I talk about that here – as far as sensory seeking and keeping the house safe, he will continue to look for stuff to touch. He is learning that way. For the first six years in life, he will do that until his mind is stimulated academically. Keep him safe by keeping harmfuls locked.

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